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Wat ur fav dance style?


I like to bellydance, 'rock dance' like one of you said or 'headbanging' lol, I also like to dance to industrial and techno music. And I can dance salsa, hip-hop and reaggeton if the music comes up. A bit of everything. ;)

lovely cat

since i was 13 i'm dancing.i'm a belly dancer,i can dance with a sword in my hand(a kinda arabic dance) and can do hip hop and salsa.these dances r also my favs.


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Hip-hop. Krumping. Those two are definitely my styles of dancing. I want to try Femme Hip-hop, but IDK. I don't think it suits me well.
I've given Waacking and Vogue a try though, and I have to say those styles are amazing too!
I would have to say I am a Disco/ Electronic dance girl.
I learned the Hustle, The Bus stop, and 8 step.
But, I also like to dance those dance party classics .... like the electric slide and macarena.
Oh gosh...I guess I am showing my age....:(


I love guys doing street dancing, because who doesn't like seeing gorgeous guys flip themselves all over the place!