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Wat ur fav dance style?

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That's hard to say really.

Does the dragon and the lion dance count? Alwell, i use Hakke Sho and Hakke ken as a dance sometimes.

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Hakke Sho and Hakke Ken isn't for dancing (Ment for fighting/defence) but i use some of the moves for dancing, hehe ^^.
Hee hee,Maybe it could be called as 'Mad dance' also... XD

Ha ha,See! I am so creative,I can invent so many dance forms!! xDDD


The older girls will know what I mean when you get really watsed in a club and an awesome house\Drum n Bass\Techno song comes on and you just go crazy!! I love that kinda wasted clubbin hypo dancing!! Lol


My favourite is ballet, I used to take lessons, but now I teach myself. :p Sad thing is, I never got onto pointe, and my mum won't let me buy a pair.
I also like tap, hehehe. (I also used to take lessons, along with Character, Modern and Stage)
Lol I had no idea you guys were the crazy wasted house\trance dancing type!! We really need to party together! Lol

I have a niece that takes hip hop and jazz classes and her lil sister does ballet... I dont think shes liking ballet as much as she thought she would though..