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walking for exercise

JennJenn Boey

hello everybody!!!!
hi everybody!! i am trying to lose weight.... i enjoy walking, although not so,.. recently. i went for one round and then gave up and went home,.... what is wrong???? :D
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Hiya Jen Sounds like you give up to easy, you might have tried too hard to start, as you say you're trying to lose weight, so take it easy at the start and build up your distance. DONT try too much too soon.
And as Sha says some home exercise would also help.
My friends and I walk/jog every other day (every day in Summer) for about 4 miles round trip we also go swimming twice every weekend. Swimming is a great exercise. we just do it to keep fit.
So give it another go Jen GOOD LUCK

Wee Rocket

Personal Trainer, Competitor, Strongwoman
Hi Jen, I'm a big believer in doing something that you enjoy when it comes to physical exercise.

Perhaps walking just isn't for you...have you tried anything else? Dance classes, bootcamps, a personal trainer?

JennJenn Boey

hello everybody!!!!
hi wee, i'm very unfit, so i can only do walking,... for 30 minutes and not everyday too,....
this morning, i went walking outside to buy breakfast,....

JennJenn Boey

hello everybody!!!!
Hello everybody.
This past week I haven't been walking much, maybe twice a week for 30 minutes.
I feel kinda tired maybe cos my period is here.
How is everybody's health and wellbeing?
I love it when i get flushed cheeks, I still love walking but more indoors as it is very hot outside. :)
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when it's hot i walk inside or go mountain climbing. during periods i get cramping that puts damper on exercise


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I remember when I first started running. I thought I will die after half a mile. So I was like, run, go, run, go. And day after day I was able to run more and more. So it's just a matter of time and need to go slow. Don't rush anything.