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Urgent advice needed


New Member
I’m fairly inexperienced with boys, especially the talking stage. I’ve been talking to this boy for 2 weeks after fancying him for ages. We started talking after we kissed on a night out. We’ve spoken everyday and I help his family out and work sometimes so have seen him fairly frequently over the last two weeks. I saw him again for my leavings drinks for that job and kissed again. Couple days prior he was honest and said he has loads of stuff going on he doesn’t want to drag me into which is why he hasn’t asked me out yet as he wants to take it slow. Since we kissed he’s been distant. I text him first for the first time and since then he is leaving a long time before he replies. Today it’s been over 9 hours and I’ve just been left on delivered. He’s organised a group night out for Friday as he apparently really wants to see me. Should I send another text and say it’s fine if he doesn’t want to talk or just ignore him till Friday? I really don’t want to seem desperate or “easy” as I’m really not but I do like him. He went back to uni today for a few days which is why I think he’s being distant. I know it’s not that deep and has only been 2 weeks but I’m really clueless and don’t have a lot of girlfriends. TIA


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never let someone make you sad. NEEEEVER; love who thinking of u all the time, who do much as he can to make u happy