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ur favourite websites!! :D

JennJenn Boey

hello everybody!!!!
hi this is very general but,....
can u guys share nice websites/blogs for all of us????
things u're currently obsessed with?
i need more websites to visit hehe


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i am member and visit often FemaleFirst, Hip Forum, Chathour, PeoplesProblems, Able2Know, Rians Forum, Relationship Forum, Guys Ask Girls and Lesbian Amino


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Dragon Cave is cool if you like to collect critters made from pixels. :D Twitter is cool too, it's a platform where I can just post my thoughts without thinking too much about it.


My favorite websites are, Inc.com, Entreprenuer.com and facebook.com and Twitter are all time favorite.


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I like the appotatos blog. This is a blog about the latest apps for Android and IOS. I've found a lot of useful stuff there. Not only the entertaining apps but those that can really come in handy. As for other websites, I use Facebook and Instagram mostly.
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I just started being OBSESSED by manga. If you want to read some (they can have... 16+ stuff) there is manga.club or there is an app mangatoons


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For me it is pinterest in #1 but i recently discovered a new beauty fashion and wellness blog from a girl named Yami International she writes new articles every Monday and her blog is name Plan Luxe. She is french but writes in english


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There are some article that are password protected because it is just for her subscribers only and as I am one of them i can share it with you girls :) (it is yamiinternational, but give her a follow to support her if you like her content because i guess i shouldnt post the password lile that if you are not subscribers ) tell me what beauty blog is your fav


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I am a fashion blogger and myself write pretty well. So I won't call anyone's else name rather than my own. I run OddlyStylish; a fashion blog that covers all the odd styling trends. As we say; style is for everyone and we truly mean it. That is why my topics range from 50 plus, to skinny, to plus size women, to pregnant women and so on. I mean al the odd styles at one place and that's it :)


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many like social media, pinterest and some phone apps like call recorder soft I prefer to use it during important calls. Call recorder helps to gather informations during phone communication with others.
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