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Unsupportive husband


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Hi everyone,
I am facing some problems with my husband. Those problems are kind of intangible. May be I had lots of expectations from him. Main problem is that he is not supportive at all and we have been married for 10 months before he was my boyfriend and dated with him for 3 months. He always told me I will be supportive with you and I will never give you any trouble. But after married picture was totally different, I have to do everything house hold tasks and I also work for 40hrs in a week whether he lied in the bed for entire day do nothing and wait for me when I will come back home for serving his ******* food . Even he doesn't go to work, Sometimes I feel very sick and tired, when I feel sick and tell him to do dinner for today he literally yelled with me. He is a husband he supposed to be positive attitude to me rather than mean mind. Anyone can give me any solution?


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Unfortunately your man seems to be slowly -quickly:eek:- turning into a bully… and the promise he made to probably ward off what he knew would be the hardest part for him to accomplish….. is fading away as quickly as you stepped into this marriage after only 3 months of relationship… The situation you describe after only one year with him is rather appalling and from my outside viewpont, seems hard to solve…. you obviously didn’t give yourself a sufficient amount of time to get to know this man better and now you’re stuck in this marriage…. But it’s never too late! You do not mention any child in your message so I suppose you have no one yet. My advice would be quite radical… do not waste anymore time, do not wait to be saddled with 4 kids to begin to ponder this option… go away… I don’t know what to say more, after such a hurried weeding you obviously seem to be heading towards an unhappy marriage.... get your life back....


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Rebeka, This guy is treating you like a pimp, not a husband. He just wants your money no feel for you.

You should bail out this relationship quickly and find a man that will cherish you rather than abuse you. Three months is too short a time before marry someone. Get to know his friends as they will give you better profile of his personality over time.

Luv Sha
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