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Okay so I know I'm like super late but I've recently started watching the vampire diaries and..... I'm obsessed. I'm not even exaggerating like, I've seen 6 seasons in 6 days. It's just sooooo good. One episode after the other, nonstop. It's seriously a part of my life. I just finished season 6 and I know Nina left so I feel like there's no point in watching anymore because I love Delena so much, EVEN THOUGH I don't want to stopp o_O I'm so upset I wasn't watching when it actually aired because I feel like I missed out on all of the fun. SO I just wanted to post here and talk about our love for it. I feel like people around me are getting so annoyed because of my obsession and I don't wanna bother them so I came here lol. And also, I'm super in love with both Damon and Stefan which is probably the root of my obsession.


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It's okay if you don't want to watch 7th Season but, you should definitely watch its final season. They have beautifully described both brothers' relationship with each other and I literally cried on its last episode and am still missing it so so much.