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Tummy Tuck Surgery


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Hi all,

Has anyone here undergone a tummy tuck surgery? I am planning to undergo this surgery to get rid of my excessive tummy. I have tried exercising and dieting, but didn’t work well. So I think this is the only solution to my problem now.
I have been asking my friends about the procedures of tummy tuck surgery, but since no one has done this before, I couldn’t get much information.
I would like to know how long I will need to recover from this and how long I’ll have to wait to get back to normal. And is there is any downside to tummy tuck? I am 25 and unmarried. Any information would be greatly helpful.

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Assume you are talking about a surgical tummy tuck and not a "cool sculpture". Recovery is very fast, can probably return to work in a day or so. You will have to wear a elastic binder for several weeks thereafter. Not very painful.


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Assuming you really need this and nothing else works, just know that this is a quick fix and not a long term solution, you can get it back in no time if you don't have a healthy diet. It doesn't hurt that much and recovery can be resonable but it depends on each body. Good luck

sandy brady

i dont recommend any sort of knife procedures because its a risk not worth taking. do daily ab excercises . there s a guy called billybootcamp on youtube , his vids are old but they are FIREEEEEE for the stomach( speaking from experience)