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Trouble With Tablet


Molly Brown

Recently I've been having trouble putting music on my tablet. I've found a way to to rip CDs onto Windows Media Player and then sync the music to my tablet. It worked the first time but I can't seem to put anymore music on. My tablets memory is not full so it should be working. I use the USB cable that came with the tablet and am considering buying a memory card if I can't fix the problem. Does anyone know what it could be?

Elisa g

mmm...have you tried with VLC media player? maybe it's doesn't accept media player or maybe you have to download an app on its.
Sorry but I can't help you because I have a Mediacom tablet, with a similar problem, it didn't read the songs when I put them from the Pc with an USB cable on it, so I downloaded an app called Aptoide that allowed me to download VLC media player. I hope that someone with more experience than me can help you :( and sorry for my bad english ( If I make a mistake you have to say me ;) ), anyway I found sites and I hope they can help you : www.archos.com/manuals/A101_EN_v1.1.htm
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