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Too many clothes and did't know what to do...


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Hi girls,
Today I'm gonna talk about something I believe most of us struggle with, having too many clothes that you don't wear anymore. During this lockdown, I have considered all the space these clothes take from my closet and the fact that I don't have close to me any organisation to who donate the clothes.

After chatting with some of my friends they recommended me the app 'Swapabee' through which I can exchange my clothes FOR FREE for other stuff that I may need more or even for other clothes. The thing that I most like about this app is that it's easy to use and also meets my lifestyle and values regarding 'Cero waste' and 'sustainable fashion' as I am not consuming fast fashion anymore.

Please have a look at Swap it, don't drop it. Swap it, don't drop it. | Swapabee | Get free stuff - save your planet !!
https: // swapabee.co.uk/

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I just moved from New York City to Edinburgh Scotland. I had 2 closets full of clothes and a cat. I viewed this as an opportunity and I ruthlessly went through my closets. I was not looking to profit, just get rid of so I donated to several of NY's charity closets. Now in Scotland I'm loving the opportunity to shop the spring woolen sales and restock my closet. Came really close to donating Luciano (the cat) as well.