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To Shave or Not to Shave?


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Hey guys! I am facing a little problem right now. I have decided not to shave my armpits or legs because I find no reason to. After all, since the time of Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I, (I guess) no women ever shaved. Why should we now? It was practiced in a religion, (can't remember which one) but it somehow has been passed to America. And now, it's a social taboo NOT to shave. I also think it highly unfair that men don't have to shave but society decides that women have to... :(

Anyway, since summer is here, and I want to start wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops, I just want to know how I can be confident enough in my decision on not shaving and be able to leave the house with a sleeveless shirt during the hot summer months.

I guess all I am looking for is a confidence booster.
No hate please.


Honestly it's just one of those things you need to do. Like brushing your teeth.
Ya know, the ladies in Europe and the Middle East don't shave.
They wear clothes that hide those areas.
I suppose you can go without shaving but you might not look feminine and pretty to a guy...unless you wear a burqa.
If that is not a issue, then go for it!
I meet a lot of gentlemen in my business and they compliment me on how nice I dress and look.
I choose to take the time to be clean and pretty smelling, dress nice and yes, sometimes I stand out in a crowd of lady's in sweats and tees, but it shows you care about the image you present.
It seems like good things happen to those girls who take the time to look good.
Have you thought about electrolysis or waxing?? ...I know...ouch...but in the long run, you be much happier and hair free longer.


I personally shave. But Like Candice said if you don't want to to shave, go for it. Not shaving would be easier. Make sure you wear deoderant. And if you are wearing sleeveless shirts maybe you want to trim down the long hairs..???
People have personal preferences. Rex on the other hand is a guy, the only things he shaves(most likely) is his face. And it is not one of those things you have to do.

Girl Power.<3


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You know what, do what YOU feel comfortable doing. It is your body and it is not up to society to decide what you need to do. If you want to wear sleeveless shirts and don't want to shave, then don't. Of course with that might come teasing. But if you're strong enough to ignore it, then don't. It's not a health hazard to not shave. In fact, I even walk around in shorts with stubbly legs. If people have a problem with what I want with my body then that's on them.

But if you do mind teasing but really want to wear sleeveless shirts but don't like shaving much, then only shave the days you plan on wearing sleeveless shirts but don't shave other days. That way you can still feel confident without having to shave all of the time.

But you do what you want! Don't listen to what other people want of you :)


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I shave, I'm very self conscious about hair on my body. I love the feeling of being able to flail my arms around in a sleeveless shirt, or being able to wear shorts without having to worry in the summer. it's your choice and I don't care if you do or don't because i have a cousin that's a hippie vegan, and she doesn't shave. xD. its your choice and don't let anyone make it for you.

Citlalli Lopez

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You can do what you want. There are plenty of women that don't shave and still look pretty! This really is up to what you are comfortable with. Don't let society shame you for who you are. ;)


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Luckily I'm blonde so it's hard to tell when I don't shave. I only really do it when I know I'll be seeing my boyfriend, as he's not just looking :x


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Thank you all! You really have helped. I did get a boost in my confidence by the way. I'm generally not that confident so the idea is kind of scary.


I think shave but if you live somewhere where your not showing your legs all the time who cares?


I suggest shaving under your arms leave your legs seen as if you shave them now they'll grow back darker later.
My reason for saying to shave under your arms is because in summer you sweat more and the sweat will collect on the hairs under your arms and might give you a bit of a bad BO. I promise I'm not hating my family has people that don't shave, I personally do but it does become a chore and can be really annoying. Only shave your legs if it becomes necessary


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Shaving makes skin rough and dull. I would not vote in the favor of shaving. Do try HairFree. It is very easy to use and makes life so much easier. It gives as good as laser results.