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To Brazilian or not to Brazilian

Ok girlies, We had a little debate over lunch today about the pro and cons of Waxing vs Shaving... For some ungodly reason shaving won..

So... Brazilians! What do you think? Is the outcome worth the expense and embarrasment or is a little DIY job with a razor far more effective??

Personally Im a brazilian girl


New Member
Personally, I have never been waxed. The idea of someone ripping the hairs out of my skin, sounds a little painful. Well, maybe more than a little. So, I guess I'll stick to shaving the old fashion way. Besides, there are just some things I would rather do myself.


waxing vs shaving .. I think waxing will be the winner :D
yeah it's painful, but the result worth that pain .. it removes dead skin, makes the skin soft, there are no need to wax again for a week or more maybe.
mm.. shaving is mush easier and faster .. but the results aren't the same.


Staff member
I wish the fashion was neither! And for the record, why do we need hair there, on our legs or under our arms anyway?! I mean, really!! :oops::D