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Tinder guy


New Member
well I met a guy in tinder
we talked about everything
I liked him
but he never showed up
everytime we fix a date he find an excuse
ps : he call me always late
do you think he is married or hiding smth ?


New Member
It could be really anything. It's not my intention to make you sad, but from my experience, boys do this when they are bored. They go to tinder, match with someone and then they text when they feel like it and don't text when they have something better to do.
If you really like this guy, just distance yourself a little bit, that way you will become more and more interesting for him and he might grab the bite.
If you reply to him same minute he texts you, there's no challenge for him, and boys like challenges, believe me. Even in relationships, guys can "get used to it" and relationship becomes boring to them. You have to tease guys, be available, then distance yourself, repeat. I can reccomend you this website bit.ly/2UctzyZ that changed my relationship 130% on better for me! Now I feel happy because I am the one who controls huge part in relationship.


Whatever the reason is it can't be good. If he consistently blows you off then he can't be all that serious. And if he is serious he needs to step up and keep to his commitments. There are lots of guys out there, I recommend getting some straight answers to some pointed questions or find someone else.