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Thoughts on Kim Kardashian?


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I think she has the most ridiculous figure ever because of her b **. I don't know why she is a role model for many girls when she is all plastic... sorry I am not a big fan.


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Her family always standing at the brunt of the wind and the tip of the wave, but I have to say she is the most regular person among the Kardashians.


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I don't watch her shows but I think it's plain nasty that so many people say nasty things about her. 0_0 Girls need to learn to stop hating on each other.


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I'm a big fan of the Kardashian family. I feel like people bash them for no reason, other than the fact that they wish they had their life!

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I Like her dressing sense, heels. I am fashion enthaustic and never miss the chance to copy her what I look to love.