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Thoughts on Kim Kardashian?


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What i dont understand is why its so bad to tell the truth about her fat transfer?
its like we all need to have a big old butt, or get bullied...
BUT anyone who would dare to admit work done will be judged as well? it just makes no sense to me..
i wish one of these celebs famous for theyre rear like kim, nicki, coco etc..
would just step up and say, hey, i dont know why im trying to hide the facts, but the truth is.... and the *secret* is out..
i would LOVE a ass like kim or nicki, but im to scared to undergo surgery we know nothing off...
girls are hurting themselves wit botched surgery... dont we deserve to know how we can survive?,,, lol,, it,..but seriousely..
to get the look they force upon our society and our men now expect us to magically get from squatting 100-200 squats a day
(which BTW makes your butt smaller...), without dying trying to get there... *fillers*injections

i just think its selfish, and foolish to believe squats with NO carbs diet gives u an ass...
i did the knowledge and muscles needs A LOT of carbs fast,slow, complex carbs to grow..

safe to say i really really want a big old butt-- :eek: :)

I mean its selfish NOT to share *THE SECRET... the TRUTH... no gimmicks
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Well, she is that kind of girl, but anyways big in the business, should rethink herself and start a better carrer.
My opinion would be that Kim Kardashian may be despised by others, for whatever reason but I find that she seems to do what she believes. She, like all celebrities will get haters but she still does things she likes to do, like photoshoots naked. I suppose thats a quality I like about her.


Kim kardashians I'll say quiet clever.. Becoz even how many haters she got.. She manage to earn millions and yet still people watch the series keeping up with the kardashians..


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I don't think much of her. I think her family have been so lucky to make money of such stupid things, such as a scripted reality show. I'm sure she is a nice friend, sister, mom or whatever, but I don't think they deserve so much cred and recognition as they are getting. There are so many people out there working hard for their dreams, to achieve something, to help others, to make the world a better place but they don't get anything or any cred because people are focusing on this fake family. When I say fake I mean a family that lives on by selling a fake scripted tv show and have built their lives around it. I don't hate her or anyone, but I would wish people stopped giving them so much attention and actually focusing on true art (musics, movies,) and charity projects etc.

Btw. I love their make up, hair and clothes sometimes. Nothing bad to say there :)
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Ami Spell

I don't know why many people don't like Kim K.. They think she's dumb but she's riding private jets and most of her haters take the bus.. lol ironic..

Dulci Rose

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I think my favourite celeb babe is Kim Kardashian. What do you people think about her? Kardashian is extremely sexy to me.
Loving www.girlsforum.com by the way, best internet site I've found in ages. Anyone know in which I can get additional images of her?
It takes a lot more than a pretty face for me to like. Personality for instance. For me K. K is just a sad result of easy made up celbs that showbiz industry is desperate to promote, in order to sell whatever needs to be sold. Its all goes down to marketing and cash.Its dangerous how meaningless people get to become role models in any possible way.