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Thoughts on flu shots?

Torey Ray

New Member
My older sister has daughter who is turning 5 this December and we were talking about whether or not flu shots are worth it. I personally haven't had a flu shot in for the past few years but for my niece it could be worth it since she is young and her immune system isn't as strong, thoughts?
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I get a flu shot almost every year. On one of the few exceptions I got nuked by a flu right at Christmas and it wasn't pleasant. I generally recommend getting one, but I'm not a mother and I don't know if there's a limit on giving shots to children of a certain age. If a doctor says it's okay I'd say go for it.


I always get a flu shot and it seems to help. Even when I do get sick it doesn't seem to last as long. If you want to get a shot for a 5 year old, ask the doctor what he thinks and take his advice.