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This Is What Is In My Heart


I wouldn't just take a mate.

I have to stay completely hidden.

I have to get good, solid looks at one.
I have to learn one.

I don't encroach to them.
Well, I cannot let one see any more of me than I let show.

I seek one.
I collect all I can about one.

If there's any way to get to meet one, I will seek it.

I seek friendly terms with one.

When I can sit with one, I will ask simple questions and gather what I can.

I am keen to remember all I can.

There can be no errors.
Self-embarrassment is the enemy.

I seek one's company.
I ask what one likes.
I share with one what I like.

I seek simple activities with one.

If there is anything about one that I dislike, it kills it for me;
But if one is good for me, and I want to take one down to Edom, I will never admit it.

I don't make overt advances.

I test one's borders.

I seek their body from behind.
I seek accidental contact.

I seek to lie with one.
I want to watch one sleeping.
I seek one's trust.

The more trust I have with one, the more of one's blood I can gather.
I seek one's blood.

I will grow closer and closer and friendlier and friendlier with one until one has become my subject.

I'm insanely obsessive.
I'm highly jealous.
I feel very, very deeply.

I seek to poison one.

I sow deep spiraling with a mate.
I sow cozy, soft, and everlasting care with a mate.
I sow unreal embrace with a mate.
I sow the binding of blood with a mate.

I am a passionate animal beneath.

With God over us, I will stop at nothing to find my mate.

No social construct, physical barrier, or government can separate me from my mate forever.

I am a love force nothing can stop.

I am a relentless stalker and a ravenous parasite.

I am all the mothering one could desire.

My mate is my living delight.
My mate is my eternal fulfillment.

I am my mate's closest ally.

My mate is my inner solace.
My mate is my true comfort.

That is what is in my heart.