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this is sorta weird, but i need to know (PLEASE READ)

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These past few months, after I take my bra off, my breasts are harder. and then in the morning, they're soft again. It goes the same for everyday, I put on my bra in the morning, wear it all day, then before bed when I take it off, my breasts are hard.. but the days I dont wear my bra, this doesn't happen...I know this is weird but I need an answer, so someone please answer.. please and thank you


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Firstly may I ask how old you are, because if you are still going through puberty then you may find your breasts are still developing, so this could be part of the cause for them feeling hard.

If you also happen to be well endowed (large breasts) then this too may have something to do with it.

And finally if you are taking any form of medication (antibiotics etc) then this I know can cause soreness, tenderness, swelling and a feeling of hardness.

However, none of us here on the forum are medically qualified to say for sure what the problem is, so I would recommend you make an appointment with your doctor to talk it through properly.
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