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The problem with my daughter

My daughter claims herself to be a tomboy just because she is interested in sports, prefer pants, wants to talk to boy, and hate girly talk. She wants to buy a motorcycle in the future!! But I totally dislike this idea, as I feel they cause accidents. But she tells me that she is willing to take the risk! How can i make her understand! ?


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Whether someone is a tomboy or not (which a lot of girls grow out of when they are older), motorcycles and automotive vehicles (in general) can be dangerous.

You can "make her understand" by telling her the risks and then working with her to minimize those risks - such as taking defensive driving courses. :)

sandy brady

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As an ex tomboy, she ll probably grow out of it. If she doesn't its not that big of a deal.
Sit her down, explain to her that the tomboy thing has nothing to do with your worries, that her safety is your priority. Explain that if she wants to ride a motorcycle, its her choice ( probably because the more you deny her this, the more she ll go behind your back to do it) and then explain to her the dangers, your worries, dont stop there, share some ways she can mitigate your worry and stay safe, that way she can see that your refusal was not personal to her, that you trust her, but are just maternal instinct to protect her. Give her the options and solutions