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The Either\Or Game


What doesn't kill me makes me stronger
I definitely have a sweet tooth so I would have to say sweet snacks.

Cats or dogs??


Just a figment
Kitty cats for me, please! Soooo soft! (I'm allergic though).

Goobers or Raisinettes? Isn't that the eternal question?


Just a figment
Winter. I'm not a cold weather girl, but I'd rather it be one extreme or another rather than somewhere in the middle.

Peanut butter or jelly?


Just a figment
I prefer tea just for enjoyment, especially green tea. Coffee is my go-to utility pick-me-up. But for this question my official answer is tea.

Zip-line or surfing?
umm idk because I haven't done both
Zip-lining is ok, and idk if I'd like surfing or not because I haven't tried!

winter or spring?


New Member
Ooh, that's kind of a hard one to answer since it really depends on who's throwing the party or which friend we're talking about, right? Then you also have to take into account what mood I might be in at the time. I guess if I have to choose, I probably take going to a friend's place most often.
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