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The Either\Or Game

Just another game girls.

Ok its super easy. Just pick one and make up another two for the next person.

Now I'd say LIP GLOSS or LIP STICK the person replying would pick the one that they would prefer and leave another set for the next person. Simple right!!

Lets play!!

Lip gloss or Lip stick
Hmm? judging from what I've seen in the movies nothing good can come from black magic and I have no idea what red magic is??

Red Magic

Heels or flats?


Ooh, that's kind of a hard one to answer since it really depends on who's throwing the party or which friend we're talking about, right? Then you also have to take into account what mood I might be in at the time. I guess if I have to choose, I probably take going to a friend's place most often.

reading the book or watching the movie?


mm.. it's hard to choose, all babies are cute .. I'll say baby boy!!

right now .. water or hot chocolate .. ?!