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Texting after months and leaving on read


New Member
So I met this guy on Tinder last summer but we never met. Just 3 months of texting, sexting, nudes. Then I met my boyfriend on October so I focused on him but we broke up in May. And then at the beginning of May, Mr Hot Douche texted me after 9 months „I want you tonight” at 11 pm but I saw that the next day. But I freaked out and didn’t respond. I texted back 3 days later, after the breakup, we talked about some stuff. I told him I'm not looking for something like ons. He responded "I didnt say I want ons". Overall we didn’t meet because, suprise - he left me on read. Again. Back in Sept 2020 too after some messanges when I texted him drunk and high for booty call. But I thought whatever I’ll text him. Almost 1,5 months later. My text was „I want to meet up tonight. You in?”. 40 min later - „I’m not in town”. Couple messanges and suprise suprise - he left me on read. 3 days later he's texting me that he's horny and he wants to meet when he's back in town. I said that this time I won't send any photos, then a couple of texts later I said - it's just a couple of days, you'll wait. And once again - he just read. That was mid-June and I can't stop thinking. He's so hot but wtf? What the hell is wrong with him and leaving people on read? I’m not even looking for a relationship right know so I don’t think I’m clingy or sth. Do you think he'll contact me once again? What should I do? btw I don't think it’s catfish. I told him "do this photo in that background" and he did so he's legit. Ps. Back in tinder he said he’s looking for long term or fwb