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Talking to him first?


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I would usually never be this cringy, but I have been in a relationship and therefore do not really know the rules of dating and flirting. Ha!

On Thursday night, I kissed a guy I have known for a little while. He came back to mine, nothing happened we just kissed and talked! The next morning, he didnt seem like scared away or anything we were still chatting and laughing. He then sent me snapchat a few hours later, I sent him one back (as it was regarding something we had talked about) and no reply. I didn't mind, I'm not that petty. I sent him one then a while later and no reply. A few hours later he sent one and I didn't reply. Nowwwwww I know this looks extremely petty and like I'm some sort of high schooler, but I just dont know what goes through guys minds lol. If I text him first, am I deeming myself too easy?

I'm not saying I want anything from him, I just really enjoyed his company and would like to talk more. I'm in no way looking for anything serious though. I'm just a bit peeved he hasn't spoke, especially when he was so lovely before he left.


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So cringe-worthy.

You can play the game to see how long it takes him to Snapchat you a second time before you Snapchat him if you want, because to be honest, it won't make a difference.
Guys are usually pretty straightforward. If he didn't send you a Snap right away, he was probably busy doing something else, not playing mind games. That's what girls do when they over-analyze someone's actions. So if you waited a while before responding to him, he probably didn't think much of it unless he was bored or unless he's overly obsessed with you.

It's better not to read too far into things and make false assumptions when it comes to guys... It makes you seem crazy. If you're looking for conversation or for fun or whatever, then make your move and be clear. Don't purposely steer him in the wrong direction.

And if he really enjoys your company as much as you enjoy his, you'll get a positive response.


Exactly! I know from experience, you DO make yourself seem crazy and it doesnt end well, and for the relationship, and for your poor mind. Just... Try to remember when you feel he's ignoring you, that this is so not the way he sees it. Ooooh just saw that was May 5th sorry im too late hahaha :confused: so what happened, after all?