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Suggestions Thread


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We want to make this site about you all so we welcome any suggestions you have. If you have an idea, throw it in here. We can't implement everything but we will read every suggestion and take them into consideration. :)


I think we could have contest :) but u don't like have to win an actual prize. You could win like points or something. Also I think we should add earnining virtual points. These points we can earn by answering forums ect. After we get points / coins we can spend it in the shop for personalization of our profile :)


There should be a place for people to rate photos or give opinions.


Just a figment
I've noticed there are a lot of really interesting older threads that have been locked, which I assume is because they're considered out of date. I'd love to post on a lot of them and it seems a waste to close them when there are new members joining all the time who never had a chance to have their say. Newer members like me should be able to necro old threads if there's an interest in them. Please unlock the old threads!


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The very simple answer is to start a new thread on the same subject.
I regret to say that I haven't got the time to physically sit and go through unlocking completely outdated threads, where even the OP has not been active for several years.
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I'm glad you asked. :) Some websites (such as Twitter, the browser Opera, etc.) give us an option to change the color of the website so its background is a dark blue (and it's less glare on our eyes).


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I regret to say that the forum App does not have that facility, and that you need to make contact with @GIRLS (avatar is at the top of this thread) who actually owns and runs the forum.