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Suggestions Required: Starting my Non-Mainstream Odd Fashion Blog


New Member
Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone will be doing fine and safe in this covid. As this whole section is dedicated to people who are in one way or another discussing fashion and style. I am myself a fashion blogger and was planning to start my own blog, but i have some really different ideas to start with and for that I need your help.

I mean fashion is not only for those billboard fashion models. You, me, us; we working in offices, doing house jobs, being mothers, serving our parents or studying in colleges, either plus size, or skinny, or short or maybe very tall. We all deserve to be dressed in a proper and stylish way.

And this is exactly around which I am planning to revolve my blog. It would be solely running around these ODD Styles.

What I need from you guys is the precious suggestions about what else should I cover, as I am a human and we are the organism of mistakes. So, please add more valuable ideas and make it richer and richer.

Thanks for reading my thread. I really appreciate that.