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Street harassment


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Street harassment
My family and I are going to Mexico City for my cousins wedding. We are an Asian family.
I have read articles and newspapers that have reported high cases of street harassment.
I AM TERRIFIED. the things they say and do to other women is DISGUSTING and a BREACH in HUMAN RIGHTS.
Now I'm young I'm Asian and I'm a foreigner in a new country. This means my younger sister and I will be called "Ching chang Chong, chinio" and there will be whistles, catcalls and slurs.
I'm so scared and I am NOT looking forward to the trip. Guys it sounds stupid and it seems dramatic but my god this is not okay. I'm so scared and what those women go through is just unforgivable.
My parents won't let me stay home (I'm underage) and I really don't wanna go.
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I can well appreciate your difficulty dear. I think the secret is to STAY OFF THE STREET. Every hotel will call a cab to pick you up at the door. Same going home, a friend can call a cab for you. Going out to dinner, the hotel can recommend a restaurant and call the cab too.


Just a figment
Exactly. Stay off the street and stick close to your parents. Hopefully the scum will leave you alone if you're with an adult.


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How did your trip go?

Unfortunately, women can be harassed in any country. If you think you're in an area where you'll be exposed to this, maybe try to take a father, brother, boyfriend, etc. with you when you go out. I don't think women go through this kind of harassment as much as when they're alone or with another woman.

It's sad that women can't go out and feel safe. You're right, it's not okay. You're not being dramatic, or stupid. (Stupid is just name calling anyway.) ;)


That doesn't sound very civilized. If some random guy on the street I never met hollered at me, there would be problem, however sweet 'is intent. -_-


Audrey hill
Mexico is the worst when it comes to street harrasment..
Four guys followed me till my hotel commenting on my outfit and physicality.
I was so irritated and afraid at the same time but luckily nothing bad happened