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Split end treatment?


New Member
Hey ladies! So I have horrible split ends they're just dry and when I straighten my hair they just stick together no matter what Ido , really wanting to grow my hair out but I'm completely against cutting it. any remedies ?


New Member
How about trimming the ends of your hair? If you are not interested in it then how about papaya hair pack. One of my cousins has tried it and it was effective for her. It is really a simple method, you just need to get rid of the skin and seeds, blend it until it's pulpy and add a half cup of plain yogurt and mix it well. Apply it on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes then rinse it out.
The other method which I used to do is olive oil treatment. It will also show a good result.

Amanda Brussels

New Member
just cut it. it's just hair. the only solution for split ends is a good haircut. nothing else. if you'd let it grow thinking hair products will help, obviously it's just for a little while and it would just aggravate in the process. cut it and let it grow. that's it


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If you don't want to go for cutting, then trim your hair because not getting your hair trimmed regularly is one of the causes of split ends.
Apply homemade natural hair mask such as egg mask. As we know that egg is a rich source of protein that helps in strengthening of hair strands and prevents hair from split ends. Another home remedy which is as effective as egg mask is aloe vera along with split ends it also helps in dealing other hair problems also.