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Sorority - Are you into it? How do you manage


New Member
Hi everyone,

so last month I jointed through a friend this secret Sorority where everything is possible thanks to exchange of favours betwen the members.
Basically it works with points: you do something and you get points, with points you ask what you want (literally anything!!!)

Is everyone part of something like this?
How do you manage to live normally with this temptetion?

I mean, I have asked and done creazy things and I am afraid to lose control of thi things!

Thank for your replies



Staff member
I like the barter system but I'm wary of joining anything that is secret.

I would avoid a "temptation" by only requesting/exchanging points for what I need (the way I do when I go into a store and see so many things I'd love to buy, but I can't because I don't have enough money).
Life can be full of temptations - that's why I like to pay with cash or barter so that I can't spend more than I have. ;)

If you're concerned with losing control, you may want to leave the sorority and go back to spending/purchasing the way you used to. It is definitely an experience in exercising self-control, isn't it! Good luck, hon. :)