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Sore chest?

I am on Evra patches and have found that I get a sore chest which only goes away on my patch free week, it feels like a bruise. I also find it itches at times, which is really irritating.
Is this a side effect? Is it normal?
itching, redness, swelling at patch area are stated side effects of this patch. chest pains are a warning to stop using and immediately contact your gynecologist.

when i turned fourteen i tried this patch but i got severe breast pain and nipple inflammation after three days. my gynecologist changed me to ortho novum birth control pills and i have had no side effects, yet.
Ok, I think I may have worded it a bit wrong.

By my chest, I didn't mean my heart or that area. I meant my breasts hurt, it feels like a bruise. I cannot take pills, which is why I'm on the patch.
Mally, i understand you said, i too got breast and nipple pain not heart ache when used patch . how about an iud, vagina ring or depo shots instead of pills and patches?

have you tried anything other than the patch so far? i am think about depo needle every two months with my gynecologist, now. i don't like feeling of iud or ring in me.
Hi, late reply I know,

As I am on the patch for painful, heavy periods, the IUD isnt an option, as that can make them heavier. I actually came off the depo shot around November 2016, after a nightmarish 2 years on it (I wish I hadn't been on it that long, but I thought at the time it best to stick it out and see if the side effects wore off or lessened any. They didnt! :-( ). I can put up with the patch site becoming irritated, I use baby oil to remove any residue, I meant my actual breasts have itched, I wonderd if that was normal, and how long should it take for this to wear off?