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Sore breasts and pimple on nipple?


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hello! i’m new to this forum so i’m not familiar w how it all works but i wanted ro ask some questions,

i am turning 15 this year and just yesterday i have a pimple on my nipple and both breasts are kinda sore. i also have some dry skin around the chest but it’s not itchy. is it all just pms? my period is in abt 2 weeks roughly? i just wanna make sure its nothing serious :) anyone else have experienced something similar? thank you :)
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Hi, janiee. Welcome to Girls Forum! ⛲

I think, as a teenager, it's normal for us to get pimples on our body besides our face - even in very inconvenient areas! o_O:D

It's also normal for our breasts to be tender when we're ovulating (which might be what's happening now, as you'll get your period in about two weeks).

As our bodies are changing so much during adolescence, it's also natural for us to have dry patches of skin on our body as well as oily patches.
Being a teenager sure can do strange things to us, can't it! :D