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So who's your dream guy?


What guy (celebrity figure) do you dream about? Who's the one guy you would leave anyone else for? Mine is Brad Pitt he's cute, funny, smart and a great Dad.


I know this is going to sound silly but it's true. I'm married to my dream guy. He's given me two of the greatest things in my life, my boys and I wouldn't trade them or him for anyone else.
Ok mine is very unlike me. Andrew VanWynGarden from MGMT. The guy is the sexiest hippy I know and he's clever... Just a little odd? I have a pic or 2 in my album I think? Check out the rest of the yummies in there too. I need ideas on who I could add to my yummies album as well


Lord!!! There r many in this category! LOL..

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jonathan Myers, Josh Harnet (I used 2 like him during my school days), Jason Statham, Richard Gere!! Lord the list is endless!!!!


Hey everyone. What do you think of Tom Cruise? He is my dream guy. I know his acting is so so only but you must give the guy credit for his look.


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Orlando Bloom. If you haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3, you're missing out on the chance to view a god. :D

In my opinion, anyway. :D

(Yes, I know I use too many smileys. :D)


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I love Johnny Depp's character about family being most in important and about the way he always makes me laugh. Also I just love Heath Ledger and it is very sad that he has left us but still he is such an amazing man/actor! (especially his eyes!) ♥


I think I have some strange, I have no daddy syndrome, crush on George Cloony. I have no other way to explain it and I don't think I really understand it either.


My dream guy is not an actor. :p Well, I wouldn't mind a guy who works... and earns a lot of money. Looks can be average, he doesn't have to be handsome or a genius or anything, just nice and down-to-earth. :)

Now, if I could be nice and down-to-earth that would be a real improvement. *rolls eyes*
My dream guy would have to have a good sense of humour, be caring towards others, and not afraid to just be himself. Now if he was all of that plus good looking I'd be doing well :). Lisa x


Josh Lucas out of Sweet home alabama
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPdWogM0Ugo&feature=related]YouTube - Sweet Home Alabama[/ame]

Vip Girl

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the guy is jealuse to me but not tomuch :S ..

and thats loves me more than i love him .. :)

and makes me happy and i feel savely with him ..

i want him that he say to me i love you first .. not me :)

i want him to trust me before he tell me that he loves me :)

and that he be muslim and praying and "Ethics pretty" ;)

NOT a STAR GUY .. what's the usefull he didnt care about you because he os a star :p LoL..

hannah x

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my guy...

What guy (celebrity figure) do you dream about? Who's the one guy you would leave anyone else for? Mine is Brad Pitt he's cute, funny, smart and a great Dad.
mine is totally ROBE:love:RT PATTINSON! he is number one hotty!