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Smell ya later??

Maria Sangria

New Member
Hi all,
You know the feeling you did/said something stupid and you’re almost losing sleep over it? Anddd....maybe need a little reassurance that maybe, just maybe it wasn’t the worst thing on the planet? Well, it’s one of those moments. I said “Smell ya Lata” to my boyfriend’s mother as I was leaving her house. I think it took everyone aback, including myself. To my defense, I get extra awkward around the mother in law. But, to make matters worse she didn’t say anything. Is it me ? Or, is she just a stick in the mud?
I don't think it was the worst thing on the planet. :D It's often said in a light-hearted moment between friends. So hopefully she's good-natured and took it in the spirit in which you said it.

The next time you see your mother-in-law, you can casually mention that you hope she didn't take offense with your parting comment as it's just "something the kids say these days". It's not meant to be taken literally.
Hopefully she'll be cool with it. If she isn't, you'll know not to say it from now on. :D

On a side note; if your mother-in-law doesn't like you, please don't take it personally. There are a lot of mother-in-laws that probably wouldn't like any woman who was their daughter-in-law (as "no woman could ever be good enough for my little boy"), no matter how pleasant and accommodating she tries to be. Just be polite, pleasant, and respectful when you do need to see her. If she gets too unreasonable, hopefully your husband can talk to her and tell her that he doesn't appreciate her being unreasonable when it comes to you. He loves you and chose you to be his bride. That should be good enough for her and she should try to get along with you.
If your husband doesn't stand up for you, you might want to avoid seeing your mother-in-law and have a good talk with your husband.
Good luck, hon. :)

sandy brady

Active Member
i dont think you should care too much haha. Just bring it up slighly and say its not literal. Like omg "your perfume is great! i can literally tell its you because you always wear it!" just slight reassurance. but if she takes offence dont be too fussed.