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Sleepover stupid idea?

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Hi :)
My friend is turning 15 next Saturday, and she's organizing a sleepover for a few friends of us (she, me and two other girls). Last time we joined in one, we started wrestling and uh, we played this stupid "wedgie fight" (yes, where you yank the others underwear LOL).

It was a stupid but funny idea ha, but this time we have agreed to wear all the same kind of underwear (just in case it happens again). So we thought it'd be funny asking it here and reading your answers... because we'll wear what you choose (bikini cut panties, grannies, thong...)

Just tell us what to wear and why do you choose it! (Think we want "intense" wedgies LOL).

Thanks for reading and exuse our craziness

sweet juicy

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Not open for further replies.