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skin care routine


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Hi guys,

so i have been looking for a new skin care routine to use in the evening just after i have taken off my makeup but have no clue where to start. i was wondering if u guys could share urs with me along with some tips too. thank you!!!


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I use conditioner (like liquid soap) and wash my face (or things like cold cream work well, too - splashing water on my face after I wipe off the cold cream).

If I have any dry spots, I massage in a tiny bit of oil/petroleum jelly (while my skin is still wet/moist) and I put a towel over my pillow (in case the "grease" rubs off on my pillow case at night). Otherwise, I just let my skin "breathe". :)


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I'm glad I found this discussion because I want to share my experience regarding skincare. First, I am delighted that I was able to heal my skin so quickly.
After the poisoning, I developed severe skin rashes, and even expensive medical cosmetics did not help me. In the end, I was faced with the fact that I had to decide on laser skin treatment. Many people say that it is effective, but I did not want to risk it. Soon I was told about Face Yoga (faceyoga.com). At first, I did not understand the essence of this program, but then I received the whole range of exercises, and for 21 days, I thoroughly massaged the muscles of my face. I was shocked when I realized that it works.
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My skincare routine is pretty simple.
Morning - warm lemon water (vitamin C)
which is good for detoxification
Then I eat some almonds and dates which contain good fats which keep your skin supple. Not so dry, not so oily.
I have a little chubby face, and I like to keep it that way on purpose. Face chubbiness is good so I don't get the wrinkles soon. ( I don't mean too fat, the right amount is good to keep it look young)
Then I workout cardio some days HIIT. Cardio workouts increase the blood supply to the face (overall body) and give it a glow. Sweating is mandatory at least 5 to 6 days in a week.
drink 5 liters of water, green tea, black coffee - good antioxidant. All this without any sugar.


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What is your skin type? Your skincare depends on it. I have combination skin, I use different products. Aloe moisturizes my skin, toner, I don't use makeup because I work at home since the beginning of quarantine. More hydration, careful with alcohol in cosmetics. I like the Korean skincare routines.