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Sisters Forever? Maybe not


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So this has been going on for the last year. My little sister finally has a boyfriend. Everything is fine...except for the fact that I feel like I’ve lost my lil sis. Before the relationship, my sister and I were stuck like glue. Did almost everything together, almost to the point where you’d think we were twins. Then she met her boy, and now it feels like I’m living with a stranger. My sister and I share a room, and have been for our entire lives. Well one night, our door was locked...they locked me out of OUR room. There were multiple times where I caught them in the middle of...ya know...

I don’t want to say anything that will ruin our relationship anymore than now. I have tried to talk to her about it, but she always tries to pin it up to my trying to break them apart. I always hear: “ why can’t you be happy that I’m happy?” I’m trying to patch things up with her, but I can’t do anything if she’s always out with the boy. She’s rather spend time with her boyfriend and his family than her own. Any advice? Am I being too..emotional? Attached?
I don’t know what I feel other than stress


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yes your little sister is more mature than you. Girls naturally reach the point when they want to be with boys rather than family. That's the way evolution dictates isn't it? I'm sure you will get there too. In the meantime, can't you get separate rooms?


What i would suggest is try to give her some space dear its perfectly natural that at this point she is up on her heels in love in this BF and for now he`s al her life . However as you once were so close i would bet that in time you too will once again find a way back to eatchoder (not to mention youre also sisters ) but if you keep puching her she will probably take further steps a way from you dear so the best advice i can give here is try to let her have some space dear . As for the shared room i admit that might be a slight problem so if you somehow can find another room i think that would be the best solution at this point (and although that they locked you out of YOU'RE room i would say better that then if you were to come in during there ........... ya know

As i said the best thing you can do right now is accept and be happy for youre little sister and take a few steps back . And as Rhonda says you will some day come to this point as well dear ;) not to mention try to calm down dear she will ALWAYS be youre little sister and NOONE can ever take that away from you :)