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When should you apply face oil? When it comes to skin care products, it is always best to follow the directions of the product you are using. That said, there is a general rule that oil is applied before or after lubrication - and that may not be what you think. Generally, you will want to include oil as a final step in your process. While this may seem inconsistent with what you know about placing skin care — you want to include products from the thinnest to the largest — it is not.

The oil tends to feel and look thinner than cream and face as it contains water formulas, but is actually heavier than other products. Because the oil is the heaviest product - or the heaviest - in your process, you can get into your moisturizer, allowing it to reach your skin, but the reverse is not true.

If you want to really increase the humidity, apply your oil after rubbing wet skin. This will help the moisturizer to absorb while your oil strengthens the mark and adds an extra layer of nourishment. Because moisturizers are part of water and part of oil, they help your skin retain moisture, and oil helps to lock it out.

One way is to mix a few drops directly with your moisturizer to the next level without adding an extra layer to your routine.

You can also apply facial oil on the back of the toenail if you want a makeup-free massage. Using face oil as a last resort for your routine allows you to pinpoint where you put it - which means you can soften it on your cheeks, tip your nose, and a cupid bow as a non-cosmetic highlight.

In addition to your skin care measures, it is recommended that you use face oil on both your morning and evening routines to get the best moisturizer.