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Should I pursue a relationship in senior year?


New Member
Hey! So I'm a senior in high school. I've like this guy since sophomore year. We had a lot of classes in common back then but we have had little to none since so there hasn't been much interaction except an occasional hand wave in the hallways or something.

We were pretty good friends back in sophomore year. My crush on him hasn't been totally consistent like I dated two guys (he, my crush, didn't date anyone) and like some days I wouldn't really think of him but then something would remind me of him and I would fall into another stupor of obsessing about him.

But here's the thing, he's too nice to EVERYONE. even if someone makes fun of him, he would laugh it off or something, most of the time. And he used to talk to this girl all the time but she transferred last year, she was another reason I never really pursued him. It wasn't my place to have that kind of deep talk with him, we weren't that close and I felt shy talking to him.

I recently just pointed it out, I was done seeing him made fun of, that he shouldn't like just accept that kind of behaviour and.... His answer was so nice and mature. Honestly, made me fall for him even more. Anyway, I did stood up for him in the past and this particular conversation touched him or something idk, he was really happy/grateful after it.

Should I confess? I'm so confused. I don't wanna regret that I never told him but I just don't want him to say no to me, does that make sense? Like it would hurt more because HE is the one who said it.

Ps: thank u so much for taking time to read this, means a lot