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Should i get a boob reduction?


New Member
soooooo, i know many people would die for large boobs, but i am a the exact opposite. I do not like my DD cups personally as they get in the way of everything, make me self conscious, hurt, i can't fit into clothes etc. I've been wanting them smaller for about a year now, but the surgery costs about 5 thousand euros. I know none of you know me in person but do you think i should get it?
My dream size would be a B cup. Also i know a DD is considered normal size but they are just so inconvenient for me!


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If you plan on losing weight, your breasts should get slightly smaller, too. But if you would be happier with them being substantially smaller, I say go for it. :) (Hopefully you can find someone who knows of a good doctor. Not all plastic surgeons are reputable.)

sandy brady

Active Member
Its really a personal choice. Whatever you decide just make sure you get done at a reputable place, check their reviews, read about the surgery etc, stay safe x