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Hi from Italy
I'm Giulia and I would like to know your opinion about this subject I met recently.
Thanks Girls.
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i really don't enjoy texting at all. prefer lovers call me live or visit me. my guys sextext me on occasion and i respond accordingly. but let them know i don't enjoy texting and if they are horny call me or visiting will be more enjoyable for both of us.

Luv Sha


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I don't text at all. I have a dumbphone and it doesn't work for texts. In any case I prefer email or face to face communication. I don't like phone calls though. o_O


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I wonder if guys are just using women so they can get an orgasm (rather than it being an act of love and affection)? I've heard that a lot of guys masturbate when they online chat with women also. :(


I sent ludes/nudes once or twice -- it has brought me nothing but regret.
I would never take a lude/nude unless to store it somewhere secret, indefinitely.