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Sex on first date


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I just become official with my boyfriend for just almost 1 week and half. And when we went out for date yesterday, we decided to crash his friend house (his friend and wife were working night shift and let us crash at their place for last night) cause it getting late and i live quite far from his house. Then we had sex. Is it okay for me to have sex on first date? cause i heard some people said you should wait at least for 3rd date to have sex with your new bf. What do you guys think?


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Well once the milk is spilled you can't pack it up to put back in the jug, you already slept with him so no going back from that. You should usually wait a couple dates before you sleep with a man and more than 3 dates, vagina holds a lot of power.

sandy brady

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I second what Busola said
However, dont beat urself up, whats done is done so move on, each couple is diff, I havent slept with my bf and i dont plan to yet so really its diff for everyone


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Like they say, you can't undo it now. But in my opinion it's not a good idea to have sex after so short a time. If all you want is sex then I guess you've accomplished your goal, but if you want something more; something that'll last a long time, I'd say it's no way to gain lasting respect or any real substance in the relationship.


Like the others said, you can't undo it now so there's little need for advice or opinion. But just for the sake of conversation I'd say it's NEVER good to have sex after only a week and a half. Sex should never be that casual no matter what everyone else tries to convince you to think. It destroys anything more meaningful from taking root, and for so little payoff.


you go girl. do whatever you want. never said "cause i heard some people said..." it's your life. if you feel terrible after it because of what other people might say, then you will never enjoy your life.


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I had sex with my fiancé on the first date we have been together 3 years now and engaged, it will all work out if it’s meant to be.
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I wouldn't. It's like "putting the cart before the horse". We should get to know the guy first.

A lot of guys don't respect women who "put out" too soon. In his mind's eye, he wonders if you'd do that with any guy. You probably wouldn't. You possibly only had sex with him because you loved him but the guy doesn't know that and may think you're just a {insert disrespectful term here}.

He may have only used you for sex, not because he has actual feelings for you. And even if he cares about you, only after a week and a half of dating you, you may not feel the same about him after you've gotten to know him better.

A lot of guys have this made up "rule" that says the woman is supposed to have sex with a guy on the third date. That was made so guys could have sex soon in a "relationship" and not have to wait too long.
Women need to wait to find out whether a guy is dating her because he possibly wants a meaningful relationship with her or whether he's dating her because he doesn't want to pay a prostitute to get an orgasm.