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Self confidence


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Self confidence is something I have struggled with my whole life. After being bullied my whole high school life, to then still being bullied in the adult world. To always feeling like the backseat friend and that I’m not good enough for anyone or anything. Recently I applied for a course to study my dream job and the guy contacted me and told me ‘I didn’t score well enough to be accepted’, and to me this was a massive kick to the curb after many attempts at the entry test over years and years of being rejected, I think this has actually hit me harder than previous years because this year I tried my absolute hardest and studied because I knew what was ahead of me, and because I didn’t pass the algebra part of the test I don’t get to study my dream job.

My question is how does someone bounce back from feeling like this because it feels like I’m in stuck in such a toxic circle that keeps going round and round and I end up feeling like such a failure at life.

No matter how long I try and be positive for and look at the bright side of things, it’s always sitting at the back of my mind and I find myself shutting away the feelings and then combusting after ignoring them for a period of time which is worse.

Thank you


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You do something new dear. If you can't have your dream job, have another dream and go after that. Confidence is built by one success on top of another. I'm transgender and that takes an enormous amount of self confidence to succeed in a new gender.

sandy brady

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SAMEEE hun. bullied throughout school. But when i hit 16, I decided ( and it really has to come from you) that nobody is worth more than me. so friends who didnt stand up for me, bye. any teachers/adults who saw what i was going through and didnt help, bye. Cut the people who dont deserve you.
Also SAME. i didnt get accepted at my job for the same exact reason! but you know what you gotta move on gurl. When the person called and told me i didnt get the job, sure i was bombed, but i told myself to think of another way, all roads lead to the same destination, you just have to pick your destination.
Algebra can be difficult and am saying this as an engineering student. If you do need help, you can always post questions on forums, get a tutor, ask for help. etc. its nothing to be ashamed of.Its better to locate your weaknesses and work on them than to not know them, learned that from my momma.
Bouncing back is not an over night thing. stop picking on whats wrong with you. lay a plan on how to tackle that problem. you suck at reading? read more. you cant add? do addition daily.... i couldnt for the life of my organise anything, so i went crazy with organisation about 7 years ago and it payed off, just last summer as an intern they let me plan a 5000£ event on my own.
feelings are overrated. you feel sad? watch a video of people who have it worse than you. you feel like crying, bloody cry and get it out of your system. deal with stuff on the spot, dont push them back. recently broke up with someone i truly loved. it hurt. but you know i looked back at the good times, laughed at pictures, then cried and cried some more, then got angry then went through phases and eventually just dont care anymore. but its a cycle you have to go through, everyone does, so dont beat yourself up that your cycle is longer/worse/more emotional... just accept it and move on to better you.


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Being a failure is the common problem with everyone, I have also a failure fr so many times.

I couldn't completed my graduation, I always a backseat person in whole school time.

You should try to do different because some of people live free and stay free, in your whole life try something new you will get good.