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Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Has anybody read this book by Robert Kiasoki?

I think that it is a great read and it deals with wealth mindset and how to make it big. I also loved his "Cash Flow Quadrant", it was a great book too.


I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and I found it very interesting and inspiring. I have started using some of the techniques he suggested, I haven't read Cash flow Quadrant yet though.


It is a brilliant idea for Robert Kiyosaki in using a kid to teach us a lesson or two on thinking outside of the box in getting out of the rat race. SInce it is a best seller, the author has written many other books focusing on the same topic but I find that nothing can match the original.


I haven't read anything else by Kiyosaki but I should check the library. I love Rich Dad, Poor Dad and in fact, own a copy. Excellent book. Another one that is terrific is called The Wealthy Barber but I am not sure of the author (I have it somewhere downstairs so if I can find it, I'll post the author's name).


I read and I do like it, in high school, we were taught that motor vehicles were assets, after reading Robert's book I realized that even though it is an asset, it is one that still takes from you since you have to pay by installments or cash up front, and you have to constantly maintain it, so it keeps taking cash from you over and over.


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Most things are assets (a useful or valuable thing), as long as you can find someone to buy it from you (if it's not of value to you personally).
I prefer assets that don't cost us money to use/maintain - especially something that increases in value, with age (such as a bottle of wine, antique furniture, stamps, etc.)


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I haven't finished it yet but it's just so amazing.
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