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Yeah, I mean the nose plastic surgery. One of my cousin sisters has got very pointy nose. She been telling me that her friends are always teasing her on that and now during the past 2 weeks, she is kind of very serious about it and was asking me suggestions for taking up Rhinoplasty.

Has anyone of you ever gone through it? If not you, have your friends or relatives at the least? We are anyway gonna consult a local plastic surgeon near our place. Meanwhile, I just wanted to know what are your views about it.


sorry, i hv never gone through it, nor my friends。。。
but i just want to say is that, dnt take those teasing serious, eventough ur cousin has taken the surgery, her friend know wt did she look like before。。。。n maybe they will teas her in another way。。。such as laugh at her taking surgery by those little teasing。。。etc。 im just thinking。。。if that friend is really a friend, they shouldn’t treat ur cousin like this way。。。。。。she got to hv her self-confidence!:)


I agree with Beryl, people will always say what they want, no matter what. It is for her to be confident about who she is and resist the notion of trying to please everyone.
What a shame! Some 'friends' they are! Are they school kids, or what? She is probably a pretty girl who will now think that her nose is enormous and she will start dipping her head when she speaks to people, not wanting to get her photo taken and will think she is ugly.

Anybody remember Princess Di? Everyone said she was a beautiful woman and yet if you look at photos of her taken from profile, she had a 'proud' nose - but she was still beautiful.

I wonder why these girls have started telling saying these things about your friend - are they so beautiful and perfect?

I bet not!

Hope she manages to overcome her poor self-image and refuse to be bullied by this girls.

Grrr! :mad:


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That's the best you can do, check to get a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and do all the research that you can before getting anything done... the results can be good but also there are risk that you should get in count!


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The ladies on this thread raise an important issue. Too often, our "friends" will tease (which is another way of saying harassing/insulting while under the guise of joking) but true friends don't treat their friends like that.

When people tease, harass, bully, etc., they usually don't feel good about themselves. They often have low self-esteem and feel threatened/jealous of others - which causes them to lash out and try to hurt others.

Good friends are supportive, helpful, aren't judgmental, and only offer constructive criticism in a diplomatic manner. ;)