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Removing My Dark Circles


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I have been using glasses for a long time now. I have very bad dark circles because of that. I switched to contact lenses a few months back. But I can't get rid of the dark circles.
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As you mention, you got dark circles due to excessive wear of glass, in that case, you switched to contact lenses. still, not get rid of dark circles. Along with contact glasses, you should try some remedies also, this remedies will surely help you to cure dark circles such as juices of potatoes, cucumber, and almond oil.


Take the eight hours of proper sleep and you will surely see the effective results of getting rid from the dark circles.


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Hi! I think a good night's sleep helps a lot. I also use All about eyes eye cream from Clinique and I have noticed good results when I wake-up with a tired face & eyes.
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Dark circles for long term you will need to show to a doctor because when I had my doctor suggested a few medicines and creams which you will have to choose according to your own skin. Until it works you can use Clamy cosmetic's foundation or concealer which really helped me on daily meets and works.


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Hey, Celinegirl
I also wear glasses for a long time and I don't have much dark circles.
The main reason behind the dark circles is not getting good sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours daily. Eat good food like fruits, juices, salads etc.
First try the natural sources like cold cucumber slices, milk leaves, mint, aloe vera, coconut oil and more. And if the problem still exists, go with under eyes cream and more therapies :)


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Ok, there are two different things though. Is it that your skin around your eye is thin? Because if so those aren't necessarily dark circles from sleep.


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Yes, you can easily remove your dark circles. I can say this so confidently because I had faced it. But I did not lose hope and researched the remedies to overcome. For me, the dark circles cream is the best way to get rid of it. Do not take time just go and get yourself a better dark circles cream.


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Natural healing advocates suggest mixing equal amounts of almond oil and vitamin E and then, just prior to bedtime, gently massaging the mixture into the dark circles. In the morning, wash the area with cold water.