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Relationship with my aunt


New Member
Guys, lately my aunt is not how she used to be(caring and good vibes). I feel like she’s jealous of me and my sister. Whenever she gets into a conversation, she starts talking in a humiliating way ‘bout us but stays on a safe side....tryna make the conversation light at the same time. It’s really confusing and depressing. I feel inferior and unworthy near her. But I’m helpless. What’s your opinion on her?


Well-Known Member
I don't understand why your aunt is acting the way she is, but you're not inferior or unworthy compared to her. If anything, her behavior is inferior: there is no excuse for anyone to try to humiliate someone.
If you and/or your sister have done something wrong, your aunt should talk to you about it.

I don't blame you for being confused and depressed (regarding your aunt's behavior). You've lost the person your aunt used to be - that's a source of sadness.

You don't have to feel helpless: I recommend talking to her (with your sister present) and being completely open and honest with your aunt - telling her what you've observed and ask her why has she changed. (If you think it might help, maybe make some notes first, including examples of her new behavior.)
Good luck, hon, and please let us know what happens (if you'd like).