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Recommend A Book!


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You know which book I'd recommend. (It's in my signature!) :) And it's free and short and easy to read. But, boy, do I think of it a lot! It has some great advice and it's funny as well as informative.



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I’d recommend ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. It’s inspiring, spiritual and also a self help book. It’s an amazing book for both starters and professionals in reading section. It gives out one of the life’s most important teachings. You can choose to listen to an audio book version on YouTube or buy a book :))
I thought it might be cool to make a recommendations thread where everyone can list books that we all really should read and the reason why (no spoilers obviously)

I'll start by adding PS I Love You to the list by Cecelia Ahern - It's a fab book, and even better than the film version which was released. Always has me in tears and great for curling up with on a rainy day!

Recommend us a book here!
I just finished reading The Fear by Mark Cunnington. It was FANTASTIC. Found on Amazon through a friend who mentioned he published it himself so was extra chuffed to support a small local business. Highly recommend, super emotional so be ready with the tissues!!!


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I just read A Sweet Mess by Jayce Lee - it was a fun read and perfect for what i was looking for, something light but entertaining.