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Recommend A Book!



"The Shack" by William P. Young
"The secret letters of the monk who sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma

These books are not about love and "full of sugar", but the stories mostly are about our values and beliefs. After these books I'm not looking for love stories, something "Twilightly". It's incredible how one book can change your life and way of thinking!


Best Kept Secret by Amy Hatvany

This was a great novel. The story was very well written and draws you in :)
I have heard of this book and was thinking of getting it.... i will certainly look for it :)


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The dragon keeper chronicles by Donita K Paul are my ABSOLUTE favorite!! :D
Then there's....
If I stay and its sequel if I go...
The divergent series (better than the hunger games people! Though I hate the ending)...
If you love to read a lot and you like mystery there's a little over 50 books for the hardy boys...

........I've read SO many books... Why can't I remember more? ,XD


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Les Miserables is a classic by Victor Hugo and Sophie Kinsella's books're interesting i think x​

sandy brady

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Agatha christie- and then there were none . such a gooooood book, gets me every time! the only thing I ever read over so manyyyyy times


you are the second person I've heard to recommend this book today - my friend at school was talking about it. I guess I will have to read it :D

Gaby Eugene

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Loving all of the Harry Potter suggestions. Goblet of Fire was one of the first hefty books that I tackled and I dove into the rest of the series with a gusto!
I would recommend "Their Eyes Were Watching God," by Zora Neale Hurston. Read it in high school and was swept away by the powerful female character and the way she strove for equality in her relationships. Loooved it!
I also fell in love with "The Book Thief," in high school. Focused on a young girl in Nazi Germany and narrated by a humorous and empathetic Death, it was one of the first books that didn't rely on action as much as it did on its characters. I definitely wiped away a few tears by the last few pages.


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i recommend you the "brida" by paulo coelho! romantic story but for those who are interested in spirituality. a woman meets a man who is her soulmate. it is located in ireland and it has really nice descriptions. i liked it very much!
The fault in our stars by john green it's great story you should read it girls

What's the auther's name? Ireally like vampire stories i'd like to read that one UOTE="nobelnatalie, post: 15510, member: 1367"]Vampire Academy- such a great story!
But the only crappy part I wish the authour would change is how the story line is.
Besides that, it's great! :)
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Lauren Louise

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I thought it might be cool to make a recommendations thread where everyone can list books that we all really should read and the reason why (no spoilers obviously)

I'll start by adding PS I Love You to the list by Cecelia Ahern - It's a fab book, and even better than the film version which was released. Always has me in tears and great for curling up with on a rainy day!

Recommend us a book here!
The Five People you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is a really great book, inspirational and really makes you look at things differently by the time you've finished reading. I'd recommend it to everyone