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Real-Life Love Stories!


Do you have any you've heard and would like to share? The only one I know by heart involves my parents.

They were penpals at first, my Mom from Japan and my Dad from America, but they sent eachother letters all the time, a shared so much about themselves, that eventually they fell in love. They got married after a year of overseas contact, and even after that, my mom had to wait four more months to get her card to get over to the U.S. And they are still married today, happy as can be after 22 years of marriage :D

Not only that, but they have some odd similarities too, like having the same birthmark in the same spot on their arms and having the -exact- same birthday (The day anyways!)

Anyways, it just goes to show that long distance relationships can work out. They're difficult to maintain, but certainly not impossible.


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My wish for all of us is that we'll all be fortunate enough to find that special someone whom we can grow old with, together - having our love grow stronger with each year. ♥