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Read and tell me your opinion

Zefi Styles ❤

New Member
So... I’m in love with one direction and they are a part of my life rn. But some kids at school make fun of one direction. Can you tell me your opinion on one direction and what I should do with those kids??


Well-Known Member
I like the band. It's okay for different people to like different kinds of music.

If someone makes fun of you (for whatever reason), they probably have low self-esteem (possibly don't think very highly of themselves) and they project those feelings onto others and put other people down.

Whenever they make fun of you, I would suggest reminding yourself of this, possibly feel sorry for them because people who tease and make fun of others are usually very unhappy people. Then maybe you can think of one of your favorite songs from the band and have that song play in your head. ;)