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Razor bumps!!


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Hello! I just started like, 5 minutes ago just to post this ahah.
I didn't know where to post this on here, but here I go..!

I've been dealing with awful red bumps on my crotch whenever I shave. They are fine for the day/night that I did it, but after a day it gets itchy. Like, really itchy. I have to apply a thick coat of coconut oil and Vaseline to keep it moisturized.
When I shave, I do it after a shower (so the pores are more open) and I take my time. I rinse with cool water to close the pores and immediately apply lotion/creams on my legs and around my crotch.
I have a boyfriend now and I feel very embarrassed for him to see this. Not to mention, my stretch marks on my legs are finally fading, I just have these itchy little bumps when I shave!
Also, I've tried letting it heal for a month and it just does it again.
Any help is appreciated and thank you so much!!!
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Shaving is the worse thing we can do to our skin. Have you tried waxing? or even better IPL? I have done ipl and from the first session it is amazing. not very expensive but also worth every penny. Not much solutions for your bumps, it used to be the same when I shaved. But i can tell you this, if you shave and get dressed immediately it's even worse. Let the skin breathe.
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sandy brady

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waxing is great. it hurts at first but u get used to it. dont shave if its already irritated. let it heal completely.
continue using the oils but i also recommend an anticeptic creme like Sudocreme


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The best way to get rid of razor bumps is to stop using razors. Razors are so mean on the skin. I would recommend you to use HairFree it is much better and removes hair so conveniently. It also makes the skin smooth and soft. Do try HairFree.